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ISBN 978-0-9793345-0-4

Paperback, 167 pages

A Rumor of Angels is a refreshing mix of the profound and humorous, the prophetic and the practical. What a wonderful companion for someone who is dying, someone who is grieving the death of someone, or anyone who wants to face life's final journey head on, with eyes wide open."

Gary Thomas

Bestselling author of Sacred Pathways, Sacred Marriage, and many more books.


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Rumor Of AngelsA Rumor of Angels: Quotations for Living, Dying & Letting Go

Gail Perry Johnston and Jill Perry Rabideau

Created to be a companion for someone who is facing one's own death or that of a loved one, A Rumor of Angels collects the words of literary masters and everyday people who have known loss or are in the midst of it. These numerous voices communicate the varied expressions of grief and shed light on each reader's unique experience. Read A Rumor of Angels to discover strength, hope, comfort and even joy. Use it as a resource to find the right sentiment for a friend in need. And give it as a gift when a card just isn't enough.


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"As a therapist, I have access to numerous sources of support, but when I lost my daughter, reading A Rumor of Angels was the only thing that brought me comfort.”

Launa Nashlund-Jones, M.C.C.C.


"I keep A Rumor of Angels by my bed. For an entire year after my husband died, the only way I could fall asleep at night was to read from this honest and compassionate collection.”



"This is a precious little book. When I say little, I am referring to size, not to content … the book is full of quotations that are nuggets of gold and make it perfect as a meditational work to aid in healing. I kept this book next to my bed and read several pages a night before sleeping.  Having lost my father and both of my siblings within the last five years I found this work particularly helpful and uplifting. This is not the type of book you read and then put on your bookcase to be forgotten, or pass on to someone else. It is a book that can be read over and over to find comfort and help in dealing with the deaths of loved ones. It would make a wonderful gift for someone who has suffered a loss."

Patricia Brown