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“Edwards adeptly conveys complex ideas of ownership, responsibility, and community in a straightforward and nonpreachy manner.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Kingdom of Mine book

The Kingdom of Mine

Gary Edwards

What if a king thinks he owns everything in his kingdom, including the wild animals, birds, and even the clouds? Here is a timeless tale about a young king who means well but acts impulsively and nearly destroys the land he loves.


The Kingdom of Mine never talks down to young readers as it imparts lessons ranging from the importance of sharing to the dangers of the uncontrolled exercise of power.  


With delightful watercolors by Masako Dunn, the story intrigues children of all ages as they watch how the king’s plans accomplish his short-term goals but cause damage he didn’t anticipate. All are relieved when the king’s eyes are opened and he announces his plan to restore wholeness to the land. As one six-year-old said, “I like the way everything healed.”

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